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Mapclicker Geography Test

Mapclicker Geography Test (and mapclicker.com) is made by a single person, me, Evert-Jelle. It is not run by or as a business. About six years ago I did a geography quiz online somewhere and it was great, but I lost the link. And five years later I decided that I would like to build my own. I like building websites, I love learning, maps, flags and the word and combined them.

How it's made

I started with bootstrap and made a simple HTML file. Went to W3schools to learn more JavaScipt. And created a map smaller map from a public domain map. Started editting it using Inkscape. Went back to Notepad++ (which is awesome!) to finalize it. After creating about ten maps I noticed that it's not possible to maintain the navigation menu for ten pages. Let alone 100 pages.

So I looked at Grunt but didn't like it. Then I found Gulp and o my, that was easy. Then learned to create maps from GIS data, more javascript, python and added a single PHP file. Became a father in the meantime, which took al my spare time. And now? Now I think it's ready for the web.